Thus Owls is releasing the new song "Ellis Island" along with a new video on October 30th. They will perform the song for the very first time at the TV-show Belle et Bum (Télé-Quebec) on Halloween, October 31st at 9pm.

Ellis Island is a deep and velvety song, living in the final hours of a day. Around a sparse but textured drum beat stretches an ocean of airy trumpets, bended guitar tones and deliciously frail vocals.

”This song was written in another time, when living as separate islands was not such a literal and current phenomena in each and everyone’s life. It was written from a romantic perspective, where distance can be painfully beautiful and separation necessary in order to experience the wonders of longing and yearning. Like food for love. It is also about the struggles that we face together. Those that bring out our worst parts and weaknesses that make us grow. Today we long for all of you. Friends and family, close and far, and you who listen. We miss you all the time and always. Ellis Island is a song that has to stand on its own, it does not belong to any album. It is our way to connect with you when we can’t in any other way.”

Ellis Island features Simon Millerd on trumpet and is released together with a new video by Erika Angell on the bands own label, For The Living And The Dead. The cover photo, hand painted on 16 mm film, is made by renowned filmmaker Karl Lemieux. Thus Owls is Erika Angell (vocals, keys), Simon Angell (guitar) and Samuel Joly (drums).





"Erika's voice sits alongside the greatest indie female artists, those who are not afraid of anything, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Patti Smith" - Devoir

”..a profound complete work, one as towering and majestic as the title suggests. It should go down as a seminal modern art rock album..” - Exclaim!

It is rare that I scream genius, but this concert for me was a huge ★★★★★.  - Canal Auditif

"The richness of the arrangements, the impact of the guitars and the vocal power make Thus Owls a true treasure." - La Presse

Montreal's dark pearl Thus Owls, aka Swedish-Canadian couple Erika and Simon Angell, have since their debut in 2009 become an original and independent voice on the alternative music scene. Simon's harshly charismatic guitar sound blends with the urgency of Erika's vocals to create a sound that bends and stretches their unusual compositions into ever newer and surprising shapes. It is in the constantly shifting scenery that Thus Owls find their sound. Their soulful adventurousness and musical fluency borrows from every corner of popular music, while pushing boundaries beyond any hackneyed genre classification. 

Thus Owls released their fourth full-length album The Mountain That We Live Upon on September 28th, 2018. Nine tracks, composed for four guitars, drums and voice, that questions creation from an artistic as well as a biological point of view. What does motherhood, parenthood and artistry mean and what happens in the wake of our choices? From a jazz oriented, avant-garde rock with chanted poetry, one version and one reality takes shape. The unmistakable sound of Erika and Simon Angell carries and brings forward this larger version of Thus Owls into a dynamic, open and free sound where love stands undoubted. 

For their fourth full-length album Thus Owls has collaborated with a seven piece large band. The core trio of Erika, Simon and  drummer Samuel Joly (Marie-Pierre Arthur, Fred Fortin), is surrounded by three additional guitar players; Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream), Nicolas Basque (Plants and Animals), Michael Feuerstack (The Luyas) and bass player Marc-André Landry (Matt Holubowski). The record also features, Jason Sharp on bass saxophone and Emil Strandberg from Sweden on trumpet. The full band was recorded live off the floor, at Hotel2Tango in Montreal, to capture the passion that exists in their powerful and dynamic live performances. The new album will be the first release on Erika and Simon’s new independent label and artistic home; For The Living And The Dead

"The Mountain That We Live Upon"



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